Division I in 2006, developing Pearl electric marine propulsion products

- 2016-09-07-

With our many years of experience in production, since 2006 started POER® | Pearl electric marine propulsion POER ®  | 珀尔 Plastic products other than motor brands. Our first set of propeller design is not perfect, but technicians believed a good Pearl electric marine propulsion in front of the consumer, after numerous improvement or redesign, until the customers are satisfied with our product. By 2010, all 4 series, 5 back two stalls, electric marine propulsion 28-54 pound brushed Pearl access to markets and consumer recognition. 在POER® | 珀尔 After getting a good reputation, we began expanding domestic sales in order to build brands. We understand that it's not just an electric marine propulsion, is a brand. Also, with the growth of the European market demand for electric marine propulsion, our share of world exports rose, and customers alike.

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