Pan is made from high density polyethylene raw material, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, durability, impact resistance, no nails unarmed, nontoxic, odorless, easy cleaning and disinfection, no rot, no pollution, economy, environmental protection, comfort, health, safety, recycling and so on. Lightweight, smooth, long life, good overall performance, elegant appearance. Barrel, the bottom of the box and special reinforcement can be overlapped with each other to facilitate transport, saving space and cost, widely used in scientific research, farming, food, plants, food and beverage, refrigeration, storage, transportation, and other industries.

Product Details


Inner diameter of 570*370*135

Od 600*580*500

Fishing box is by high-density polyethylene raw materials made, acid, and alkali, and resistance corrosion, resistance pressure, durable, resistance impact, no nail no Thorn, nontoxic tasteless, easy flush disinfection, not rot, not pollution, economic, environmental, convenient, health, security, can recycling,. quality light, smooth, using life long, overall performance good, beautiful generous. barrels body, and box mouth and the bottom special reinforcement, can mutual sets stack, convenient transport, save space and costs, widely applies Yu research, and farming, and food, and factory, and catering, refrigerated, transportation, transport, industry.

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